John Cusack Insanity

Today was a rough day at work. One of those days where nothing really happens, no one is really mean or really nice, so I have plenty of time to dwell on all the real assholes that have bothered me in the past. So, when I got home tonight I was really pumped about how I’m going to just go bugfuckcrazy on someone someday, then I smelled incense burning in one of my neighbors apartments which really pisses me off.

And then I thought of this:

In that moment, John Cusack and the genius minds behind High Fidelity succinctly describe my feelings about retail and every terrible person that decides they should come shop in my store.

On that note, High Fidelity is a book, too. And a pretty good one if I remember correctly. It’s been a while since I read it, so it goes on the When-I’m-Out-Of-School-This-Summer-And-Have-Some-Free-Time Reading List.

I will also being doing the Insanity Workout this summer. In my fantasies, I get really tone really fast, but in reality I will probably work out too much, get dehydrated and pass out.

Happy Friday Night!


    1. I also thought of Clerks for this post! On my way to work yesterday, I just kept thinking, “I’m not even supposed to be here today!” Even though I was supposed to be there. Someday, I’m just not going to go to work, but instead I will just pack up all my stuff and move to England.

  1. Haha! This is so good. I read ‘High Fidelity’ not even that long ago. I have to watch this film!
    I completely know where you are coming from, I said I would go back to a (basically retail) job in an opticians after university. I was previously there for 4 years. I swear 90% of people who come through the door have a chip on their shoulder. I’m dying inside at the thought of going back. But this has made me feel a bit better,
    *High 5*

    1. I’m glad to have made you feel a bit better! I know I can’t wait to have a job that isn’t retail. People are mostly awesome, but the also mostly suck. Oh well, the best you can do is smile and be happy no matter what.

      Gotta stay positive, otherwise people really will drive you crazy.

      Thanks for the comment!

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