Girls Pooping Twitter

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Top Search Referrals for! For those of you who don’t know, these are the terms that people search on sites like Google, but my blog comes up so they click on that instead. I cannot imagine the level of disappointment “pooping public stalls” person had to deal with when they got to a blog promoting women’s health education and confidence.

girls pooping on each other??

I’m pretty sure this means I’ve arrived.


  1. Amanda, I’m glad you don’t seem to mind the “exposure’. I hope you don’t get spammed to death by some of the ultra-kinkers who Google’d you.

    I just started following you a few days ago. Happy Easter.

  2. Disappointment? Not at all! I don’t know if it’s a change in my eating habits, but somehow lately my morning dump has become more of an early afternoon dump: always when I’m at work. Call me socially awkward, but I’ve never really had to deal with taking a dump in a public place because I usually erm… Got it out of my system before I even left the door. I’m fine with those one-stall bathrooms because of the level of privacy, but hate the idea of other women being able to hear me “go”. So to check to see if I’m the only one with that issue, I went ahead and googled it. Your blog post was more of an encouragement for me to get over myself and realize that there isn’t anything to be embarrassed about rather than a blog post sympathizing with the problem, but if anything that was even more helpful. I loved your way of writing so have been coming back since, and you cannot imagine my surprise when I got my own shout-out! Albeit for a very, very weird reason haha. The “girls pooping on each other person” probably found your blog a lot less helpful. Keep up the good work!

    -Pooping Public Stalls Person

    1. I am so happy that I could help someone out! I know that awkward feeling, and it’s tough to get through, but once you do it makes life so much easier.

      Thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know it was you who searched “pooping public stalls” and found me instead!

      So rad.

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